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Advent - that time of year when we prepare for Christmas. It's not supposed to be all about the parties and the Christmas carols. In theory it's calmer. A little penitential, even, like Lent. I used to have this dream back when I was a bookstore manager that Advent would feel so much saner when I was working in the church. After all, I could live fully into the season. I'd be preparing.

Not so much.

Seminary is just chock-a-block with more ways to fill one's days: meetings, exams, reading, writing, playing. It's not the harried pre-Christmas insanity of retail in December. Instead, it is the harried pre-exam insanity of the end of an academic semester. Throw in some field ed. commitments, a pesky sermon, and some travel to be with friends as they are ordained to the priesthood, and really, I feel like I can hardly imagine the end, which will come ready or not! Then, there is that NEWT preparation that I am supposed to be doing. Hmmm.

And then, tonight, I got a glimpse of Advent. At our Advent Service of Lessons and Carols, I actually got to breathe. My friends performed snippets of biblical text. The choirs sang lovely Advent Carols. And time stood still, for just a while. Advent was here.

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