December 6th, 2005

Little Blue Penguin

Snowy fairytale - a little homesick

It SNOWED in Northern Virginia last night. Nothing like I'd get at home in Western Mass, after all, but enough to take it seriously. Boots were required. The maintenance guys were spreading sand and salt.

So there I was. Late for chapel. That's not really a shock. But no one else was around. And the ground was covered in beautiful fluffy snow. And the trees looked like they do in fairytales - covered, as well. The sky was cerulean blue, and the sun was streaming down. I was filled with joy.

There's nothing like walking by yourself in the snow - even if you can sense others around.

And it made me just the tiniest bit homesick. We just don't get snow here in NoVa very much. I thought about all those times I sat on my breezeway and watched the snow fall. It's always the snow that gets me. You can take a girl out of New England, but you can't (apparently) take the New England out of the girl.
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